Text Tool

Text Tools

Did you eventually hit the caps lock while writing and ended up with the wrong format? Find here a set of tools to convert the case.


Sentence case

Missed out on text formatting your Office Word document? With sentence case you can capitalize the first letter after each dot with space.


Converting your text to lower-case have never been easier. You can convert your text to lowercase for Microsoft Office and Google docs.


Give your headline extra attention by using capital letters. The lowercase to uppercase tool makes it easy to convert to upper-case format.


You can make good headlines for both SEO and blog titles by capitalizing your text. Keep capitalized text short and focused.


Alternating text

Get the party on with this silly AlTeRnAtInG text format. It's a great way to peep up your birthday card and express yourself.

Fast text tools

Baggage Allowance

What is Emirates baggage allowance? Never forget the airline luggage policy again with this fast airline baggage allowance service.